Neon Moon – from Jonathan

July 23, 2009

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Hey Y’all,

Well after last week’s performance of “Meet in the Middle” anything was a upgrade for us. I HATED everything about Week #2, how we made it past that week is beyond me lol. I was not pleased with our performance… BUT this week, ahh! Week #3, NEON MOON! I was thrilled! We kick butt if I must say so myself! The song totally was perfect for us!! We were so pumped that week! We really had a great time.

We picked the song because Josh (from Steel Magnolia) said we should listen to it and stuff. So we gave it a friendly listen and loved it! I have to say it was one of my favorite moments on the show! We got to hang with Wynonna and Naomi at Naomi’s house which was amazing. Brandon and I basically hung out with her in her kitchen… sooo, I was pretty thrilled!

So I loved the performance! Great feedback from the judges. Ahh, and BTW I was very flattered by Naomi’s comments, but Brandon is much more to me than just a sidekick! lol. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to take this show on and I’m very blessed to have him on this crazy ride. Soo yea! Suck that all you haters! I love Naomi dearly! I don’t think she meant it in a negative way at all. She is an amazing woman and a hero of mine. Brandon and I take what she and all the other people involved in the show say and add our own inputs in as well and we always come out with a cool little product! So things are working out great!

Soo… Brandon and I are doing an original song next week called “Lovin’ You” make sure you check it out! There is a new time next week its 9/8c p.m. So be aware of that and make sure you watch it!

Peace n love,
~ Jonathan


5 Responses to “Neon Moon – from Jonathan”

  1. BobbyJean said

    Home sick all day with that pig-flu thing, watching tv, came across the CMT Can you Duet marathon, and was just loving how you guys work together.
    You killed everybody with “NEON MOON,” and Brandon’s song “LOVIN’ YOU” is already good enough for radio.

    Now here’s a very weird thing—- more than a year ago I was blazing through all the channels on XM Radio while driving, and heard an announcer say that JB ROCKET has won etc etc etc….. (I actually didn’t pay much attention to what was won, I was just hitting channels and moving on…)

    Never heard the words JB ROCKET anywhere again until today, so I figured it was a CMT marathon show from a few years ago. Loved you both, looked u up on Google to check out what cds might be available—— and whattaya know….

    Jonathan, your teeth are real, please don’t get those blue-white big fakes that everybody’s doing these days……

    Waiting on that first cd……….

  2. fran said

    Oh my gosh – you guys rock. You are both great and I bet the young gals will be swooning over both of you. I have watched Neon Moon at least 100 times. Rooting for you guys to win it all and I will be first in line to buy your cd – and better yet your video.

    Of course even if you come in second you are winners and we all know Scott and Big Machine records will be sigining you.

    Best of luck.

  3. Anna-Christine said

    I second BobbyJean’s “teeth” comment!! 🙂

  4. tracy lee said

    I AM UST HEART BROKE!!!!!!! I can not believe they did not pick yall!!!!!!! Yall please keep it together you two can not seperate you are THE NEXT GENERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR YOU!!!!!!!! YOUR #1 FAN TRACY LEE FROM TEXAS

  5. Fran said

    I don’t think any of the top five are losers.

    I would bet my life that JB Rocket will be gettng a recording contract very soon, probably from Big Machine – if they haven’t already committed to that.

    You were my favorites and I can’t wait until you make a CD or an album.

    Steel Magnolia has been together for years – so it’s hard to compare – imagine how big JB Rocket will be in a few years.

    Congratulations and be proud of what you both have accomplished.

    Love you guys.

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