Brandon’s in Costa Rica and tonights a NEW SHOW! :)

July 18, 2009

Brandon left this morning with his church family for a mission trip to Costa Rica. Y’all be praying for traveling grace for them! He’s gonna miss tonights new episode. šŸ˜¦ But he’ll be back next sunday and then it’s BACK TO NASHVILLE for some awesome stuff! Soo make sure you catch tonights episode only on CMT at 8/7c p.m. BRAND NEW CAN YOU DUET! Check back after the show for a blog about how we felt about the show and all that jazz. Soo see ya soon! šŸ™‚

~ Jonathan


3 Responses to “Brandon’s in Costa Rica and tonights a NEW SHOW! :)”

  1. fran said

    You guys are the best – I’m counting on you to win it all.

    Hope you make a dvd soon – I played the song you sang last night at least 10 times. Loved it.

    Good luck – I’ll be rooting for you.


  2. Marcee said

    I adore the two of you! I am always wowed by your performances! Keep it up…can’t wait to buy your CD. =)

  3. Anna-Christine said

    Great job with this show so far, you two!! You never cease to impress me with your gifts! I’m excited for next week’s show!! šŸ˜€

    I had a question about “Because of You” for Brandon…
    At first when I heard the song, I assumed that it was about a girl as most country songs are, but after I listened to it a few times, it reminded me of my relationship with God, especially the lines “spending too much time on the temporary– it left me incomplete” “feelin’ like I simply just need to adore you– you satisfy my soul” because I couldn’t think of a person who could ever “satisfy my soul”.
    That made me curious- did you write this song to be about God?

    I hope your trip went well! If you find the time to blog about it, I’d love to hear abouit how it went! What sort of stuff did you do there?

    In mom-style, I’ll close with telling both of you what I tell each of my best friends when they get into something new- “Make good choices!” šŸ™‚


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